Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exhibition vernissage in Wroclaw

So as we promised we are heading to more cities of Poland. We've confirmed new exhibition - in the most beautiful polish city, even in the center of it - on the famous market place - Coffee Planet, Rynek 7, Wrocław! You're invited to join on 11.06.11 at 7pm. Event will start with vernissage, few introductory words, then signed album selling for a promotional price! After the vernissage, organizaer - Coffee Planet - promised to arrange some DJ and we'll have Latino Party!!!! All of you are welcome!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Storks springlike

I took my bike and headed to the Vistula river. On my way I've spotted stork so took out my camera and captured it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long weekend in Bieszczady

So as I've mentioned before, in the long weekend I headed to Bieszczady altogether with my 2 kids. We decided to climb Smerek on the first day. Fortunately weather was nice and trail easy. My daughters made it without any problems and after 2 hours we were at the summit. Then it was time to get down the other trail and get back to Wetlina by the road. Unfortunately weather crashed just during the last 4 km and there were no place to hide! So we were walking and walking and getting more and more wet. Finally we've arrived to first roof of Wetlina and hid there. Luckily good people gave us a ride home and we changed our clothes to dry ones.... it wasn't that easy, but finally we've made it.

On the second day I wanted to make the trail to Tarnica and get back through Rozsypaniec and Halicz. On that day weather wasn't favorable and we only made it to Tarnica and back on the same trail in the dense clouds and very windy weather. I believe it was about zero celssius degrees up there! Of course when we got back to the car, mountain became clearly visible and weather rapidly improved! There're mountains - you never know! Luckily my kids like to hike in the mountains and for sure I'll get back there as soon as I got some free time...
See some pictures from the second day I've managed to get when weather was better...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sandomierz and Łańcut

For the long weekend I decided to take my two daughters and go to Bieszczady for some hiking. As you know it's not that easy to travel with kids, so you have to plan some breaks. I've planned two - one in Sandomierz to get some nice ice creams, and second in Łańcut to visit this forgotten place after 25 years and see how it looks. Weather was nice, so I managed to take some pics. First we came to Sandomierz:

then we finally arrived to Łańcut. After some lunch we headed to the palace to see how nice it is now!

Eventually spring arrived and we had a chance to see nice flowers in palace's gardens...