Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ecuador trip slideshow at The Sejm

My friend and me has been invited to give a speech about out trip to Ecuador before representatives of Polish-Ecuadorian Group in The Sejm. So we've taken the challenge and visited building of the lower house of polish parliament and presented the slideshow. It was a chance to meet famous and esteemed people. In the picture from the left: Mr. Arkady Fiedler, Ms. Elzbieta Janowska-Moniuszko, Sylwester, Me, Mr. Slawomir Preiss, The Guard. It was a true pleasure to meet these people and I'd like to say "Thank You" to them one more time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Even the rain (También la lluvia)

In my honest opinion the best movie of 11th Spanish Cinema Week I had a chance to see. If you have a chance to see it, definitely recommended! It's a story about Spanish director Sebastian, movie producer Costa and the crew that came to Bolivia to shoot a motion picture about Columbus. Their plan was to show his first explorations and the way Indians were treated by the Spaniards at the time. Producer, called Costa, has chosen this place because the budget of the film is tight and here he can hire local actors (poor Indians) and shoot extras at very low price. Unfortunately when the movie is almost finished sudden problems arise. The conflict around water sources erupts in Bolivia and the civil war begins. Even worse thing for the movie producers is that the leading activist of the riots is local artist they hired. Things got more and more complicated, but to see how it eventually gone, you should find and watch the movie. In the meantime you can see wonderful landscapes of Bolivia and nice shots of La Paz. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11th Spanish Cinema Week

11th Spanish Cinema Week is still continuing. We can see a lot of interesting movies this year. Two good movies I had chance to see are "Celda 211" and "Estrellas que Alcanzar". One not so interesting title was "La mitad de Oscar". I can definitely recommend first two movies "Celda 211" is suitable only for people with nerves of steel. It has very thrilling plot. Second movie is the true story that happened during war time and is told in euskera language - the one that is used in country of Basques. It tells about the order that reminds concentration camp for women. You also need some nerve to watch the movie, but it's definitely worth seeing.
"La mitad de Oscar" shows very nice landscapes, but is a little bit boring for me and shouldn't be viewed late at night. It tells mysterious story, but unfortunately action is too slow for me. I wouldn't like to see it for second time, but you can try to do it for the first one.
I still have some plans for the week. But let's not discuss it yet...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A380 in Warsaw for the first time ever

This morning we had an event in Warsaw. Few thousand people arrived to the airport to take pictures or at least see the giant - Airbus A380 operated by Lufthansa. It finally landed about 7:50 and I even was able to take some poor pictures (long lens sometimes is not what you need :)
Some people were really well prepared:

But eventually all of us had a chance to see the giant:

The last shot is to compare the size :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Biebrza - first signs of the spring #2

And some more pictures as promised...

Biebrza - first signs of the spring #1

It's not that easy to use long tele handheld, but I somehow managed to take few pictures. Enjoy!

1. Sunrise in the swamps

2. The Moose is still The King

To be continued...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Motor Show in Warsaw #2

As promised some more motorbikes from the show...


Friday, March 11, 2011

11 III 11

Today is the day. The second important day of my life. First was 18th birthday. And now I'm 480 months old. It's almost 15.000 days...unbelievable! People can live so long!
I've found very nice logo...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Motor Show in Warsaw #1

During the weekend we had a motor show in Warsaw. It wasn't very big, but still worth seeing. I was trying to take pictures of some nice motorbikes, but unfortunately someone always was getting in front of my lens...damn it!

to be continued...