Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last morning in Karkonosze

During my last trip to Karkonosze in November I decided to take pictures of sunrise. The only day we had a chance to catch nice sunrise was Sunday - it means our last day in the mountains. The day before we found nice view of a church with mountains as a background. Morning was nice and we had additionally some good clouds. Of course I've taken over 100 pictures, but only two are worth showing (first was taken just before sunrise), so please enjoy them!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wang Church from XII century

During my last trip to Lower Silesia, I've visited Karpacz. There's one nice building in the upper part of this health resort of southern Poland - Lutheran parish Wang Church in Karpacz. See how nice it is in the evening!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lubawka Abandoned Train Station

On our trip to Lower Silesia and Karkonosze we accidentally noticed nice, old, abandoned train station in small city called Lubawka (Liebau in Schlesien). It was so interesting and so deserted that we decided to take some pictures of it and later find some stories to explain how it became such a ruin. After googleing for few minutes I've discovered that in 2008 train station building was sold to some unknown investor who promised to transfer it in 2 years into 5-star hotel. Unfortunately it's 2010 and station is exactly as it was 2 years ago - a ruin. The history of this place is even more fascinating - it turned out that station burnt down in 1991. Before that it was very important place on Czechoslovakia-Poland border and you can notice it watching the size of building. It's hard to believe but since 2007 in the summer time this station is open and on the weekends trains are coming here and departing from here! Poland is strange, but really interesting country!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Karkonosze in November #3 - Waterfalls

Next day in Karkonosze was rather rainy. Weather was awful, so we decided to focus on some local waterfalls. In the morning we got to Kamieńczyk waterfall, but taking pictures of it wasn't an easy task. Downstairs it was impossible to even unpack camera due to a lot of water falling from the top. We moved up, but there's some fence and you're not able to take pictures easily through it. I managed to rearrange my tripod to some strange construction and took the smallest lens that was able to get through the fence. Somehow I managed to take few poor quality pictures that you can see below:

Then we headed to Szklarki waterfall. Unfortunately trail was closed and we quit this idea. Thinking about some other ideas we started to follow the light on our way to Jelenia Góra and taking nice pictures on our way:

Later we headed to Karpacz and had some coffee and cake (what a joke it was! cake was 2x2 cm large and we paid 12 pln for this! Definitely not recommended!). When rain stopped a little bit, we finally arrived to Dziki Wodospad and taken some pics:

After such a tedious day we decided to take some really amazing pictures in the night. But you've to wait a little bit to see them.... :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Karkonosze in November #2

On the second day of our trip weather improved a little bit (at least this was our feeling in the morning). We needed better weather to get to Śnieżne Kotły over the yellow trail. So we decided to go there on Friday. After two hours of hiking we get to the hut called "Pod Łabskim Szczytem". We got cup of tea there and started hiking up. Unfortunately weather wasn't so nice anymore. It was snow on the trail and really strong blustery. Snow was everywhere and whole my camera was wet (fortunately Canon claims it's weather-proof and it really is!). Sometimes I wasn't able to see where is the yellow trail. Somehow we got to the top where yellow trail joined the red one. It was wider and had long cones marking the trail even when snow is very high. Snow was up to my knees. After few minutes of hike we started wondering where's the famous TV tower? And suddenly it appeared just in front of us from nowhere! What a view! It's really impossible to describe it here in details, but please imagine what could be the weather in Karkonosze just looking at some pics below....

And I must mention and recommend place where we were staying. It's called Pension Reszyniec and I definitely recommend it! Here you can see picture of the lobby with nice fireplace and comfortable sofas suited to drink good whiskey and browse wireless Internet!