Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new filter pouch

As you might remember from different entries in my blog, I own 4x6 Lee filters. I've been using them since 2007 and keep them in original pouches. After two years of using them, I noticed some changes in color of gray paint. After deeper research it turned out to be a problem with original pouches! They just washed out some parts of color from the filters. Not a good news. Of course it doesn't suddenly mean you can't use these filters anymore, but you're just getting angry! So when I had started watching movies by Adam Barker, I noticed he is using some nice pouch for 4x6 filters! I checked out internet and found really cool Kinesis PhotoGear webpage. What is Adam using they call F166. Because of the fact, that this pouch is going to be replaced with some bigger one in the near future, I decided to order it on Friday last week. Yesterday I've received my pouch and it's truly perfect! You can use your filters in the field easily and it keeps them safe. Now I can buy my dream reverse ND grad filter from Singh-Ray and will not be very nervous about storing it anymore! Highly recommended stuff!

Above picture comes from website

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do not buy HP printers!

About 2 years ago HP released wireless printers (WI-FI). So after switching from tower PC to big 17" laptop I decided to get rid of even more cables and switched to nice HP Photosmart C4580 All-in-One device. It was nice, but only for about a year and a month. When warranty expired, device suddenly stopped working giving message that there's something wrong with the cartridge. Of course I use only original cartridges, so was a little bit surprised. And what's even worse, scanner also stopped working although has nothing in common with cartridges! But ok, it happens. Next day I called HP service to ask where I can repair such a printer. They responded that this printer, if no under warranty, is not fixable! They recommended me to buy a new one! Of course, this is just the biggest printer producer in the world, so quality and service doesn't matter to them... I should expect it. Then I was trying to find some 3rd party repair service - no success. They have no parts for such model. Again, no surprise. It's disposable printer. After one year, buy a new one from the same company - it's much more expensive than just buying a cartridge. But sorry HP - I'll never buy any printer from you. This is simply cheating customers. I've made a research and it turned out to be a lot of broken printers over the internet and you can buy such a used C4580 for 1 PLN on This time I decided to give a chance to some other printers producers like Canon or Lexmark - haven't decided yet.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flamenco Chill

While I was on my vacation in Barcelona, my younger daughter asked me to visit Flamenco show. Because her hobby is dance in general, I took her to probably the most famous, but still affordable flamenco place in this nice city - Tarantos. And I must say this was a very good choice. Comparing to flamenco show I saw in Sevilla few years ago, this one was maybe shorter, but really very attractive and less boring. Just well balanced for amateurs (first time watchers) and accidental tourists. I definitely recommend this show if you want to feel what flamenco is and how it looks.
Now let's focus on poor pictures I attached below. I know they're poor in quality, but it was veeeery dark inside. I was using ISO 2000 to ISO 3200 and decided to leave it without Topaz DeNoise process. So they're as they're, but I wanted them to be like that. Just enjoy or quit this page :)

All pictures taken handheld with Canon 24-70/2.8 lens and 1D mk3 body.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Barcelona Market

Some pictures from famous market in Barcelona...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

AXALP on the way!

This year there's no airshow in Radom. Of course we had some interesting airshows in Poland, but nothing can compare to AXALP in Axalp, Switzerland. My good friends and me decided to get there in October to see if we can really feel that atmosphere. Browsing internet we collected some interesting links regarding that airshow. I must say that I was impressed by the work done by Muflon - polish airshows fan who prepared very good description of AXALP: link. It's a must read document for all brave guys who decided to go there. Other interesting stuff you can find here: