Wednesday, March 31, 2010 gallery updated!

I've finally updated my gallery with pictures from Ecuador Phototrip 2010 and some other pictures taken in 2009. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ecuador Phototrip 2010 - Slideshow

I've just prepared little slideshow to show some of my pictures from Ecuador. You can download it here. Take care, because file is big and transfers slow...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SFFW: The best and the worst

Last two days of festival I had a chance to see one of the best movie (3:19) and definitely the worst one (Mentiras y Gordas). Fortunately IMDB users have similar opinions about these productions.
First of the movies (3:19) has a little bit sophisticated plot, but due to this, very absorbing. It's the story about 3 guys, very good friends and their way of looking for a true love. Unfortunately one of them has cancer and his days are numbered. It also tells about coincidences in life and mathematical group theory. This theory is explained on real life examples in a very poetic way. Plot is maybe not action-packed, but all the same very interesting. I definitely recommend seeing this movie.
On the other hand please avoid watching "Mentiras y Gordas". This movie has very appealing title in polish, but it's a big lie. Of course there's a lot of sex, drugs and partying in the movie, but director forgot to find some plot. It's like a puzzle compound of many random pieces and the only common thing in them is a sex or drugs scene. It also has very naturalistic gay and lesbian scenes - who knows why? They just doesn't fit here. To be honest nothing fits here. I really don't understand why this movie was blockbuster in Spain???? It probably means they need just some scenes like that instead of the movie that has a plot. Strange, but true... Moreover I don't understand why this poor movie is shown on a high quality film festival among others films from a different class? Manana should be ashamed! Unfortunately this movie will be in wide distribution from Gutek Film - just another mistake... waste of money. There's so many more interesting productions...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring finally came!

Here you can see signs of it :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of spanish film festival

Yesterday I had a chance to see 2 movies from the festival. First of them (Yo tambien) was a complete surprise, because Pablo Pineda (Daniel) appeared in the cinema!!! This actor is amazing! He is sick, but still acts as a normal, healthy person. For me it was great experience and moreover I like movie a lot! Daniel is 34 years old, loves life and has a great sense of humor. He is first European with down complex who graduated university and is just taking his first job in the center that is helping other people with similar sickness. Here he meets Laura (Lola Duenas) - go-ahead and uncompromising women that is also a little bit lost. She hides her past before the world. They start to spend more and more time with each other, but things got more complicated over time. Daniel falls in love with Laura, but she sees only friend in him...
I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It will be shown in polish cinemas starting April, so you should have a chance to see it.
The other movie I saw yesterday, was "Los Lunes al Sol". It's quite different from the first one. Its action is held in industrial city of Galicia, Spain. One of the main character - Santa - is unemployed shipyard worker who has no idea for his further life. Along with his friends being in similar situation he spends a lot of time in the bar or wandering across the city without any aim. Guys are trying to find some fun in their boring and hopeless life, they're trying to survive blankness and being unwanted, excluded by society. They have fun discussing everything and nothing in one of the sunny Mondays....
This movie was quite different, but also interesting. If you have chance to see it, you can try, but I don't guarantee you'll like it. So decide for yourself...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Łódź Photoworkshop results

As promised I decided to put some sample pictures from Photoworkshop in Łódź we had attended on 6th of March 2010. Comments welcome!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Biebrza 2010

Today we decided to go to Biebrza National Park for sunrise. We started from Warsaw at 2:00 am and when we arrived to Wizna at 4:30 it was still dark. Dino's friend gave us some coordinates for watching birds, but in the park it's still winter and no birds. Of course we found the spot, but nothing was there, so we just had a 10km walk in winter time and heavy snow - quite a pleasurable experience. After this little failure we headed to Carska road and were trying to find any moose. We found about 8 of them, but they're hard to take picture of. You can see effects below. The day was good in general and we had some relax. I hope to visit Biebrza NP in March and April again and again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spanish cinema week in Warsaw

There's Spanish cinema week 2010 in Warsaw from 18th to 25th March 2010. You can see many great movies in Spanish language during this festival. Exact schedule can be found on Manana. Tickets are available now and it's better to buy them now, because from my experience I know later it's hard to get them...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Studio Photography Training

Last weekend my friends and me went to Łódź for full day basic studio photography training. Unfortunately it turned out to be poor, nevertheless we had some fun and took few pictures. But it is not what I want to write about. I want to show you today the difference between unprocessed picture and the one processed with Portrait Professional. If you are glamour photographer it's definitely for you! The most important thing about PP is that picture processing takes 1-2 minutes and the exemplary effect you can see below...

Of course I'll put some more pictures from the weekend session soon, but need some time to find any worth showing.There's not many :(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Giant at Okecie

Yesterday we visited Okecie airport. Weather wasn't bad and we just wanted to chat - Okecie seemed to be good place, so we also took our gear. Surprisingly we noticed giant airplane - Antonov 124! Later one guy told us it was supposed to depart at 4:00 pm. Fortunately it departed a little bit earlier and this way we caught few pictures of this they're: