Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wines#5: Shiraz from Australia

My good colleague has nice audio equipment. We've been trying to meet for at least a year or so, but finally I've visited him two days ago. His audio setup really rocks! I felt like in the concert hall listening to SACD version of different pieces. But in the hall you can't drink alcohol. Music is much better when accompanied with some very good wine. And I had such wine - it was 2006 Shiraz from famous Australian winery Brown Brothers.
I will not invent any own descriptions, because it's perfectly described on producer's webpage, so let's cite them: "Showing the vibrant magenta colour of youth, this medium-bodied wine has fantastic lifted aromas of red berry fruits, dried herbs, pepper and an alluring floral note. These aromas follow through to the palate which has generous juicy fruit and a fine tannin structure. This supple medium-bodied Shiraz drinks well now but cellaring for 3 to 5 years from vintage will add complexity."
It's not easy to buy this wine in Poland, but if I come across, I'll definitely buy some bottles. The chance is that this shop can have it for 72 PLN - I must check it. I also recommend you to try this amazing wine!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1D MkIV is coming...

Canon 1D MkIV is really coming on October 20th. It seems to be a dream camera. 16Mpix, crop 1.3, ISO 102400, 10fps, HD movies recording, etc. etc. It will cost 4999 USD, so a little bit expensive for me, but it also means that prices of 1D MkIII will definitely drop soon and I'll have a chance to get one cheap. MkIII seems to be enough for me, so I'll be happy. Moreover 1D MkIV will be available in December, what means just before my trip to Ecuador. I don't see any chance to get one before (according to availability), so I must go with MkIII.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny photographers

Mi amigo has just sent me nice link to wonderful pictures of funny photographers in action. I want to share it with you, but I especially like these pictures:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wines#4: Cheap Australia

During our trip to Bieszczady we didn't forget about some luxury stuff. Sylwek managed to provide complete supplies. He also bought two bottles of red wines. Both were nice, but one is worthy of notice. First wine we had at first outdoor lunch. Food itself was great, because we managed to prepare sweet-and-sour chicken with rice. It wasn't easy having only one MSR, but eventually we were successful and had complimentary spanish wine. It was Peña Tejo Cosecha 2007. Nice, aromatic, deep table wine - perfect to be served along with food.
But the other wine is the most important one. It was from Australia - Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet. It was nice red in color - deep crimson red with purple hues. It also tasted perfect - mix of berry, cherry and plum fruit, subtle cedar trees and light coffee aroma. After first gulp of this tasty wine I recalled its taste from the past. Few years ago I had this wine very often, but later switched to more expensive and more sophisticated wines. It was mistake. This one is cheap and really good. Sometimes it's even better than wines for 80 or even 100 pln. This wine was also appreciated by wine tasters - it has many awards (depends on vintage). So now I will drink this wine the whole winter, because it's very addictive!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bieszczady in the fall #3

Day 3 in Bieszczady was also interesting. First we visited some more orthodox churches. Then we went to Solina to compare autumn view with winter view that we remembered from our recent stay in March. It's completely different (one picture below). Later we headed to Sanok and decided to spend our time on watching heritage park. It was worth it. Of course I don't know what is what, because I never was interested in history, but this architecture was really nice for the eye and we had good time. You can see some pictures below... Enjoy!

1. Solina

2. Sanok open-air ethnographical museum


ps. You asked for more pics from Solina, so I've added one more... :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bieszczady in the fall #2

Second day in Bieszczady was much harder. We decided to climb Tarnica from Wołosate, but get back through Halicz and Rozsypaniec. It's long trail - I even don't know how many kilometers, but it has taken us about 8.5 hours in hot sun with heavy tripods and backpacks full of photo gear. Luckily it was worth doing, because we've taken a lot of pictures and have seen nice landscapes. You can also see below what we came across on the trail.

TBC - pictures from day 3 are in development now... keep waiting!