Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Wolfe #3

I happily discovered that our dvds were delivered. Unfortunately to the wrong address. During all the mess about weather and transport delays in December, we wanted to change address and it was even successfully changed, but discs arrived to the first one. Due to this I still don't have my DVDs at home and have to wait few more weeks to put my hands on them. What a pity!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My friend Sylwester found quite interesting service KOLUMBER. It's about trips, photos, nice places around the world and all that stuff. But the most interesting thing is that Sylwek put Phototrip 2008 description (in polish) and many pictures onto this service. He even created 18 minutes of video presentation with plenty of pictures. I definitely recommend reading and watching what Sylwek prepared. You can find it there:

Hummerem po Hameryce

Please put here your comments on above description and presentation! Thanks!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Southern California CityPass

I'm just wondering how to save some money on my ongoing US Kids Trip 2009. We would like to spend 5 days visiting most famous park of Souther California, i.e. Disneyland, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and San Diego Wild Animal Park. I need to buy 4 tickets to each of them, 2 for adults, 1 for 12+ old child and 1 for 6+ kid. Below you can find summary of ticket prices:

SeaWorld 3 tickets for adults (10+) 65 USD/each + 1 ticket for kid (3-9) 55 USD gives us total of 250 USD for single day admission

Universal Studios has one flat price 67 USD/each person higher than 122 cm what gives us another 268 USD for single day admission (while buying tickets in advance over the Internet, you can get dwo day admission for the same price)

San Diego Wild Animal Park 3 tickets for adults (12+) 35 USD/each and one for kid (3-11) 26 USD. That gives us 131 USD

Disneyland - I'd like to spend here at least 3 days, so need 3-day pass. Cost of such ticket is 179 USD for person 10+ and 149 USD for kid (3-9). It gives us total 686 USD (price valid only while you are buying it over the Internet). When you want to buy tickets at gate, you've to pay 3x199 USD + 169 USD = 766 USD

So above option would cost me 1335 - 1415 USD for the whole family. It's a lot of money!!!

Of course I've found better option. I can pay for all above attractions only 996 USD, so it's about 40% of saving. You have to buy Southern California CityPass that costs 259 USD/person 10+ and 219 USD for kids (3-9). This price is valid when you're buying over Internet. Gate price for such a pass is 1364 USD, so only few percent cheaper than single tickets!!!
I'll go for a pass. Definitely.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another DNO picture!

Another of my plfoto pictures reached DNO (Duzo Niezlych Obrazkow). It means someone decided that this picture is worth promoting. Thanks for that! And thanks for all your comments and marks. Here's the picture:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy(?) New Year!

So this is my first entry in 2009. It could be happy or not. Who knows? First day of new year brought some good events. I'm on my way to get tickets for US Kids Trip 2009. If it finishes luckily we'll depart on 25th of April and be back on 11th of May. Of course it's not easy to get cheap tickets for flight to LAX and back. I decided to go KLM as I like this airline best. While trying to make a reservation over the Internet, transaction failed, but money was blocked on my credit card account. It means I didn't get neither tickets nor money limit on cc. So I called the KLM hotline and they told me that reservation recovery is possible, but I've to wait two weeks till my cc limit will be released or I can pay by cash. Very funny... Of course I can't wait two weeks, because price will raise, so must go to the office next week and pay with cash - just Polish everyday life. You don't have cash, you're like a bankrupt.
Besides New Year's Eve was very nice, a lot of sleep and very good sparkling wine. Nothing interesting. I just wanted to watch some TV, but didn't like disco polo (played on Polsat) and decided that sleeping option is better one. It turned out to be good choice.
Moreover my family plays Wii a lot (6-8 hours/day is a lot or a little? never know that, can u help?). I must say that from three games we have (Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit), most of the time we spend playing Wii Fit - balance board is really cool and it's something that you can't find anywhere else. For me (a game player since 30 years!) it's like a new era of computer gaming. Wii Play is also a good set of nice games and Wii Sports is definitely the worst one. I can only play bowling there, other games are too boring or not perfectly developed. My daughters also asked me to buy Mario Kart and this probably will be the next product I'll buy one day...
It's worth to mention one more thing. Wii surprises me every day. Yesterday I connected it to the Internet and we swapped messages with my friend who is also Wii owner. Yes, I know it's nothing very sophisticated (every PC can do that since years), but let's remind that it's game console, not a PC! You can even send your own avatar to your friend's console and play there with your character! I think it's great and funny feature...
More news soon... now it's time to sleep, because I'm a little tired...